Hire an AI-assisted global talent to unleash your team’s potential

Get matched with specialised, AI-equipped talent to support your team 1-on-1 with manual and repetitive tasks.

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From a pure time savings perspective, our hire has enabled me and one other team member to get 5 hours each back, weekly.

VP Marketing, growth startup

How it works

We use AI to interview and screen 10k+ candidates per month, and then assign a human talent partner to match you with the right ones in 72h.

Step 1

Describe your next hire

A dedicated talent partner will work to identify your specific goals, preferences and needs.

Describing your next hire

Step 2

We run recruiting for you

We find the right talent, matched perfectly with your needs, working hours and team culture.

Listing talents

Step 3

Meet and hire your talent

Within 72 hours, we introduce you to your talent and set you up for long-term success.

Talent profile

Free to get started. Only pay if you hire.

AI-assisted global talent with every skill and experience

We source and place talent for any role that can be done remotely. Here are some of the roles we help fill.

Video Editor

UX/UI Designer

Content Creator

Project Manager


Web Designer

Graphic Designer

YouTube Thumbnail Designer

3D Animator

Content Writer

Marketing Assistant

Email Marketing Specialist

SEO Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Growth Marketing Manager

Paid Media Buyer

Social Media Manager

Programmatic Marketing

Community Manager

Outbound Sales Representative

Inbound Sales Representative

Sales Rep (SDR & BDR)


Virtual Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant

Customer Support Rep

Bilingual CS Rep

Investment Analyst

Financial Analyst



Staff Accountant

Payroll Specialist

Legal Assistant

Help Desk

HR Assistant

Data Analyst

Data Engineer


Front-End Engineer

Back-End Engineer

Full-Stack Engineer

Mobile Developer

Product Manager

SEO Specialist


Flag of Colombia

Graphic Designer


Flag of Argentina

New Hire

Matchmaking made smarter and faster

Our candidates go through an extensive vetting process to ensure they are a great fit for you and your team. All candidates are vetted for outstanding work ethic, strong English skills, and proven work experience in their field.


AI Interview

Our AI interviewer is able to review a large number of applicants’ CVs beyond what’s humanly possible.

40% of applicants pass


Soft Skills

Our in-house talent partners screen the best applicants to check soft skills and English language proficiency.

15% of applicants pass


Hard Skills

We then test selected candidates on hard skills with technical interviews and real-world projects.

3% of applicants pass


AI Training

The remaining candidates are equipped and trained with the latest AI tools to perform better and faster.

1% of applicants pass

Simple, clear pricing

Submit our hiring form to get information about pricing, hiring models and salary ranges for the roles you need.

Free to get started. Only pay if you hire.




Frequently asked questions

How are you an AI-first recruiting service?

We use AI to screen more than 10,000 global candidates per month in the initial stages of our vetting. We also use AI to better match talent with job postings. And then we equip and train all candidates we place with the latest AI tools.

How does your pricing work?

We charge a fee per hire which is guaranteed more competitive than other alternatives in the market. The fee changes slightly based on the role and your needs. We can provide an exact quote once we have requirements for the role you're looking to fill. You don't pay anything unless you make a hire.

Do you offer a replacement guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 90 day replacement guarantee for all hires. We’ll re-run the sourcing and replace them for free.

How do I know I can trust your candidates?

We pre-vet and screen all of our candidates for English proficiency, skills, and work experience. We conduct reference calls and international background checks. Our aim is to find a teammate you can stay with for the long term.

Why choose Off-Work

We are an AI-first recruiting partner for global talent acquisition, hiring, onboarding, payroll, retention and compliance.

Save 30%-70% on salaries

We source top talent from all over the world. This unlocks savings of up to 70% on employee costs compared to hiring locally in Europe or the US.

Highly-specialized talent

Tap into a talent pool of pre-vetted, English-speaking professionals – many with advanced degrees and experience at brand name firms and startups.

Full-time & in your timezone

All talent we source will work full-time, 40 hours a week for you — and only for you. Adapted to your timezone. They will just be like a normal team member.

Get a match in less than 72 hours

We’ve built our own AI tools to vet global talent at scale, which allows us to provide you with the right talent based entirely on your needs fast. Really fast.

Global Compliance Support

We provide the necessary support for hiring remote talent internationally, ensuring adherence to E.U, U.S. and foreign legal and regulatory requirements.

Guaranteed Replacement

If a hire doesn't meet your expectations, we'll work to understand what went wrong and find you a replacement as soon as possible.

Ready to hire an AI-assisted global talent for up to 70% less than local hires?

Get matched with specialised remote talent to support your team 1-on-1 with manual and repetitive tasks full-time.

Free to get started. Only pay if you hire.